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Out December 29, 2022. Annual free compilation from Black Mara, a selection of tracks from albums released in 2022. With Undirheimar, Melek-tha, Dead Man's Hill, Sacra Fern, Purba, and others.

Out December 1st, 2022 from Black Mara

Out August 20th, 2021. Dead Man's Hill "Inner Journeys Through The Living Temples Of Water" This release features 4 tracks and is dedicated to the spirits of water. Album by Dead Man's Hill about the element of Water. This work is conceived by meditations and shamanic journeying in,to and through 4 sacred springs: 2 in Belgium and 2 in Glastonbury. Each track on this album is infused with the specific energies of these springs. This results in a trance inducing ambient document. This album has been specially developed to descend into the subterranean caverns where these inner temples are located, and to follow the water through the subterranean water streams. It can be used for shamanic journeying to, in and through these sacred places, for meeting with the spirits of water, or to work generally with the element of Water.