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Dead Man's Hill - Via Occulta Originally released in 2009 it is now available through Dead Man's Hill Bandcamp page as a pay what you want release.

Dead Man's Hill - Crossroads new release from dead man's hill. the self released pay what you want bandcamp release. This album is written during the winter of 2014/2015 when he spent a lot of nights in the forests. After entering the deep alternate layers and pathways of the forest, and inspired by the calls of the owls and foxes during these nights, this album came to life, loaded with these specific energies.

All tracks were written right after the Full Moon, and finished at the end of the first quarter of the Waning Moon, so it is strongly recommended that one should listen to this album during these times of the month.

dead mans hill: met betrekking tot

Dead Man's Hill vs The Earth King - Cycling Between Sun and Moon available from Kristallblut Records
Dead Man's Hill vs The Earth King - Cycling Between Sun and Moon

The Earth King was born in 2011 as a brother of Dead Man's Hill. Singing with Kargyraa vocals (traditional throat singing), he describes the beauty and the balance of the Cosmos, the planets, the stars and of our Mother Earth. These messages and informations are carried by ritual black ambient atmospheres, regularly bordering on black metal terrain, combined with church organs, flutes, guitars and electronics.

V/A - Wounds of the Earth Compilation III Pt. 2FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! from Wounds of the Earth
New Dead Man's Hill track on the latest FREE Digital Double Disc Download from Wounds of the Earth. The track "Haunted Castle" appears on the dark ambient 2nd disc.

Dead Man's Interview with Wounds of the Earth blog.

Dead Man's Hill interview at Wounds of the Earth

Dead Man's Hill - Songs Of The Forthcoming Apocalypse Chapter 2: TransformationOUT NOW Midnight Records
Dead Man's Hill - Songs Of The Forthcoming Apocalypse Chapter 2: Transformation

Dead Man's Hill second chapter about the apocalypse and all that follows. Behold the darkened skies as the atmosphere burns and the thunder rolls. DMH's characteristic blackmetal influences and haunting vocals elucidate the horrors of this end of times.

Dead Man's Hill - Spiritsavailable from Steinklang Industries
Dead Man's Hill - Spirits

Over the last 7 years, DEAD MAN'S HILL became a well known and much appreciated artist in Ritual Ambient, Neoclassic and Bombastic Martial Music and with this new album, the band drags the listener into alternate realities and far away spheres. The lyrics are mainly dealing with travelling in these worlds. Musically the album goes further in the vein of Lakes of Sacrifice (2006) but a lot deeper-going and much more worked out, so you can say that "Spirits" is definitely the band's best album up to date. Dark and deep-dronning Ambient, mixed with strong and powerful Martial songs, varied with hypnotically mesmerizing Tribal parts. All in all the whole Album has a strong Death Industrial touch and even carries some Gregorian elements. Listen to this album, and let yourself take away to a intangible world, to far away shperes where things are just different to all You ever expected. "Spirits" includes a video from the track Road to Sweet Waters, made by Alex Hugin Wieser. 8 songs / 65 min.

rauhnacht festival RAUHNACHT FESTIVAL II

December 18th, 2010
Traunstein / Bavaria
(near Rosenheim - between Munich and Salzburg - the location is anamazing CAVE below a castle!!!)
featuring: Natan - Pagan Black Metal from BELGIUM
Bifröst - Pagan Black Metal from AUSTRIA
Stormfagel - Martial Industrial Folk from SWEDEN
Dead Man's Hill - Monumental Martial Music from BELGIUM
Café de l'Enfer - Martial Industrial from FRANCE/AUSTRIA

Dead Man's Hill vs. Kenji Siratori

New review of Dead Man's Hill vs. Kenji Siratori on

This album marks the 2nd collaboration between Dead Man's Hill (Belgium) and Kenji Siratori (Japan). It all sounds like the meeting between 2 different cultures, but music can often go above cultural differences. I think it's also interesting to mention that this album has been released on a Chinese label (Midnight Productions). The common efforts between both artists resulted in a quite cinematographic approach. This album could have been a soundtrack. Musical wise we're pretty close to dark ambient music like illustrated on the opening cut "Damaged Soul". A few Japanese spoken vocals inject an extra mysterious element in the composition, which is accentuated on a few more cuts. "Necrophiliac Virgin" is a very good outburst from this increasing mysterious mood. "Hypnogenesis Heart" sounds like the ultimate piece for a soundtrack while "Mystic Rebirth" coming next reveals a ritual influence for its rhythmic and a tiny epic touch on top. This is a remarkable composition. "Soul Alive" brings the album to an end with a new, more soundtrack-orientated cut. Both artists sound like they feel very comfortable working together, which can only incite them to consider a 3rd release!

Side Line Magazine

Hrossharsgrani VS Dead Man's Hill

Hrossharsgrani VS Dead Man's Hill - Dead:Meat


2-ways split album - a great mix between Martial / Industrial / Ambient / Electronic and more. five new HROSSHARSGRANI anthems featuring vocals by Bart Piette from D.M.H. and Pr. Sergiy from MOLOCH, as well as five new monumental epics from the master of Dark Ambient, Dead Man's Hill - this time a lot more intense and song-oriented than on earlier releases. "Dead:Meat" is the so far most mature and complex album of both artists. composition, interpretation and design feel like a smack in the face and leave no room for compromise! morbidity meets iron avant-garde, romanticism encounters the frozen coldness of metal! when will people finally realize: if you want to feel you MUST listen! 10 songs / 64 min.

Dead Man's Hill vs. Kenji Siratori

Dead Man's Hill vs. Kenji Siratori

The second collaboration between the Belgian Post Industrial act DMH and the Ambient / Power Electronic / Noise maker Kenji Siratori from Japan. A thrillingly psychedelic Dark Ambient / Post Industrial / Neo-classical record accompanied with the jumpy aside by Kenji Siratori painted with colours of the movie soundtracks all around.Limited to 500 copies, Digipack CD

Dead Man's Hill - Road to Sweet Waters

schwanenfest w/ dead man's hill.  oct 17, 2009 schwanenfest w/ dead man's hill oct 17, 2009

a unique martial industrial event not to be missed. der feuerkreiner & l'effet c'est moi will present a premiere joint performance , especially arranged for schwanenfest.
dead Man's hill will give their german exclusive debut. live collaboration & aftershow party by heiliges licht. merch by neuropa records

more info @

New review of Songs From The Forthcoming Apocalypse on Sideline Magazine

Dead Man's Hill - Via Occulta

second album for DMH on OEC now released! On this album you can hear a more neoclassical and ritual side of DMH. If you look at the album title, you can already guess that this album displays several sides of the occult, and this feeling is highly empowered because of the extra use of orchestrations, choirs and even didjeribone.
This bizar and obscure work is limited to 199 copies.
Pro-printed CDr with digital printed Digipak.
Written and recorded in 2007 / 2008 in the land where the long shadows fall.
Mastered by Illektrik Toolz.
All tracks (including all instruments and voices) are written and performed by Piette Yetayi.
"The power will return in the shape of a fish"

v/a - Abnormal Beauty

Out now from Beast of Prey records. A Dark and beautiful compilation. With tracks by PARANOIA INDUCTA, DESIDERII MARGINIS, [haven], KREPULEC, NEKYIA, BOCKSHOLM (Peter Andersson / Raison d'etre), KARJALAN SISSIT, HOROLOGIUM, DEAD MAN'S HILL, STAHLWERK 9, CONTEMPLATRON, MROK.

Dead Man's Hill - Speaking in the Tongues of the Universal Reporter: Live in Hof Ter Loo

Coming April 13th, 2009 from bugs crawling out of people. A special limited edition CD release (50 copies, hand numbered), Speaking in the Tongues of the Universal Reporter: Live in Hof Ter Loo.

New reviews of Dead Man's Hill's Dog Burial and Experiments in Darkness' From The Heart

OUT NOW! from MidNight Productions
Dead Man's Hill - Songs from the Forthcoming Apocalypse

Dead Man's Hill - Songs From The Forthcoming Apocalypse

After almost 2 years of silence, Dead Man's Hill is now back with a new full length cd. The focus on this release is the apocalypse, and what will happen thereafter. This is a journey which starts on the darkened earth, with a sky that is filled with aurora's and fire, and continues it's way through planets and travels into the lifelessness of space. The music on this album sounds in the line of Dog Burial, but with more atmospheric elements, more blackmetal influences and haunting vocals. Comes in digipack and 7page booklet, Special Edition contains DigiCD with T-Shirt, Limited to 20 copies,only for the die hard fans!

Coming Soon: Limited edition Dead Man's Hill Live disc coming from Bugs Crawling Out of People in 2009!

Bart Piette will appear on the new it-clings release, "I'm the biggest fucking thing in the whole fucking world" from Bugs Crawling Out of People in 2009!

OUT NOW! from MidNight Productions
experiments in darknesss- from the heart

download the free compilation contagion vol. 1 from dead tree productions featuring Kita, a side project of dead man's hill
v/a - contagion promo