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Saturation Bombing III

Prepare yourself for Project:Void. The solo project of Corvus Rex is the totality of extreme. Looking down into the darkness and seeing nothing but the negativity will produce this. Is there really nothing but the constant of societal decay? Nothing but an unjust world that preys on the weak? A world dominated by the evil of humanity, a world that deserves nothing but our contempt and our hatred? Corvus Rex is dealing with a lot here, digging down into a very personal self-expression he lets go and embraces his inner turmoil and mental disorders. Surrounded by a world that should justifiably sicken him, he allows his misanthropy to be released into the brutality of art: Morgue of Broken Souls is the unleashing of all of this emotion. The experience will be extreme.

As you can imagine, it's been a hard couple of years for it-clings. Having propelled himself to the very pinnacle of success the self-named "biggest fucking thing in the whole fucking world" has spiraled into a self-deprecating pit of despair. Nothing much has been going on since his last release in 2012. Back in those days he experienced all the glamour and exuberance of a fantasy world of his own creation, a made up post-modern existence where he filled his emptiness with excess and inflated his ego with lies and bravado. And when that failed him, he could always fall back on just getting angry about everything. That was his way of coping with shit.

But jump ahead a few years and everything has caught up with him. His anger and hostility towards the world was perhaps just as empty and meaningless as the dull pitiful lives of those mindless sheep he used to rail against. Maybe there was no space in this new world for it-clings. But at some point he met Nerve War, and by met I mean he encountered him on the internet. This guy still had hope, still had dreams, and still wanted to watch the world burn. With Nerve War's help there was still a place for it-clings.

Are you looking for answers? Well, “Endless Meaningless Unhelpful and Uncalled for Drivel” isn't the album for you. What is it? It's a hodgepodge of disjointed thoughts and songs, the pounding bass and scathing synthesis adds to the atrocities spoken by it-clings. The assholes behind this filth are connected only through their complacency in the pointless banality of modern existence. This isn't exactly something new and it-clings isn't the first to admit it. “Endless Meaningless Unhelpful and Uncalled for Drivel” isn't the answer, it's part of the problem.

Unbelievably, this will be it-clings’ third full length release. He has appeared on countless releases by other artists (actually a very countable 18) and has written several books. Originally from Toronto, he lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia for far too long. That was a mistake. Halifax is terrible. He now lives in Toronto again.

Nerve War has written/released countless albums (again, a very countable 14) under various project names encompassing many different styles such as metal, industrial, electronic, noise and experimental. Nerve War is from many places but for some reason he currently lives in the bowels of Kansas City, Misery.

Death of Self is back after six long years of silence, and he's here to tell you a story. As you can imagine, this won't be a happy story, there's no fairy tale ending, no silver lining. This is a story about how a seemingly simple and straight forward decision can begin a chain of self-destructive events that slowly unravels the world as you know it. A story about hitting rock bottom, and knowing that there's no going back.

Death of Self departs from his usual chaotic style for "There's No Going Back." This bitter tale is told thru unsettling soundscapes created by flowing synths, challenging percussion, and dark lyrics.

For a complete list of bcp release please check the bugs crawling out of people bandcamp page!