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bcp001 - v/a - revelationbcp002 - dead man's hill - lakes of sacrificebcp003 - it-clings vs pneumatic detach- the all too logical descent into madnessbcp004 - objekt4 - shades of nightbcp005 - worms of the earth - the angels of prostitutionbcp006.66 - famine - every mirror turns blackbcp007 - v/a - wake up: get out of my fucking housebcp008 - razor edge - mind stimulationbcp009 - v/a - saturation bombing playset boxbcp010 - it-clings - i'm the biggest fucking thing in the whole fucking world
bcp011 - v/a - cum to my house. i have beer, i have scotch, there will be drugs!bcp012 - dead man's hill - speaking in the tongues of the universal reporter: live in hof ter loobcp013 - famine - cocytusbcp014 - worms of the earth - the lesser ophidian gatebcp015 - compUterus - compUterusbcp016 - death of self - embracing the things we hate about ourselvesbcp017 - tyler milchmann - strange daysbcp018 - fury 161 - armageddons mawbcp019 - azfarat - a thread of little significance trilogybcp020 - DK5600 - Distanza Katrias 5600
bugs crawling out of people

bcp019.1 - azfarat - peace and quiet OUT NOW!
full length CD release from DK5600 a electronic/ambient/experimental duo from Italy. "distanza katrias 5600" bring the alien sounds of the far distant planet katrias to earth. the alien world of katrias, a planet 5600 light years in distance from earth, were empowered by supernatural technology that allowed them to traverse the great interstellar void with their minds and establish a link with earth.

dk5600 Shirts
DK5600 shirts are avaiable! very limited quantities. DK5600 logo in front glows in the dark, bcp logo on back.

The bcp distro page has been offline for a while. I'm now slowing compiling the list of available CDs for purchase. Please email me at info @ bugscrawlingoutofpeople.com if you see anything you're interested in. Very limited stock. Some titles are quite old and are now completely sold out elsewhere.
bcp distro page

bcp019.3 - azfarat - yggdrasil and the plague of frogs
bcp019.2 - azfarat - All Things End and Other Delightful Yarns
bcp019.1 - azfarat - peace and quiet
OUT NOW!the final installment of the trilogy of extreme noise: yggdrasil and the plague of frogs. This full length CD release! comes in digipak form or digital download. This is Azfarat's first CD release! Download or stream now!

First came the full length digital release "Peace and Quiet." "All Things End and Other Delightful Yarns" is a digital single that links "Peace and Quiet" with the conclusionary "Yggdrasil and the plague of frogs." Together they form "a thread of little significance trilogy."

Download the other 2 digital releases as pay what you want!

stream or download "All Things End and Other Delightful Yarns" now!

Azfarat is a noise project from brattleboro vt that takes the audio influences of modern noise and industrial music and mixes them with futurist and dadaist ideas about what music was, is, and will become. the end result is screechy and atonal but a must listen for those that need more.

stream or download "peace and quiet" now!

Azfarat Shirts
Azfarat shirts are avaiable! Canadian customers can purcase them directly from bugs crawling out of people. US customers can purchase them directly from Azfarat.