Now available from bugs crawling out of people. The collaborative work of Nerve War and it-clings. Available on CD, Vinyl, cassette tape and digital format.

Death of Self - There's no Going Back. Available on CD and digital format.

Coming November 26th, 2019: Project:Void - Morgue of Broken Souls. Available on CD and digital format.

bcp000 - it-clings - fuck it all

released: june 18th, 2009

CD sold out. Digital download available.

We heard what you said: "why the fuck should I buy a bunch of crappy fucking cds or hunt down a pile of digital downloads by talentless hacks just to get my hands on all the it-clings tracks! This is total fucking bullshit." And you know what, you're 100% correct. Why the fuck should you waste your bandwidth downloading bullshit songs by bullshit artists when all you really want is to get your dirty hands on a collection of it-clings tracks?

That's what this release is all about: it's all the it-clings tracks put together into one god damned hit parade of a bitter angry yell fest.

Did we ask anyone's permission before releasing this? Fuck no. In essence it's totally illegal. Are we concerned about this? Fuck no. Anyone who has a problem with this release can kiss my mother fucking asshole.

Although when you sit back and listen to it-clings track after it-clings track you should start to ask yourself, "who the fuck is this angry belligerent asshole? And why the fuck should I be listening to his bullshit ideas?" And to this there is no response. Maybe even listening to a legitimate copy of this release should be illegal. Maybe you should have just stuck with listening to all the other safe tracks from all those other crappy releases that you didn't even buy in the first place. it-clings is obviously deranged. He is obviously a grave threat to your safe moral code.

But at least, you're now thinking, that buying this release will help keep the music industry alive, will help keep artists producing quality music, will make you feel good for supporting the artists behind the music you love and all that other total bullshit propaganda you've been hearing. It's not true. As soon as you buy this release the money will be instantly gone, spent on useless bullshit and drugs and booze. Probably the money you spent on this release will end up, through a few ill thought transactions, right in the hands of the terrorists that wish to destroy you. It's probably not a bad idea: those terrorists probably should destroy you. You are horrible people!

bcp001 - v/a - Revelation

released: Dec 10th, 2004

CD available. Digital Download as available.

14 tracks of twisted agony and misguided intentions. From evil soundscapes to pounding oppressive beats, from the most reckless break beats to torturous power electronics, revelation is a full assault on the senses. Born from a melding of text, artwork, and music, it originated as a short story written by bugs crawling out of people founder Squid. This conceptual fusion served as the catalyst upon which an impressive line-up of Industrial musicians focused their artistic interpretation. The results are phenomenal. CD includes a massive 16 page booklet with complete story and original artwork. The artwork is crappy but guess what, fucked up people often create fucked up crappy drawings of their own fucked up crazy mind.

revelation was the first release from bugs crawling out of people.

bcp002 - dead man's hill - lakes of sacrifice

released: october 20th, 2006

CD sold out. Digital Download available.

Dead Man's Hill had already been brewing and gaining strength in the dark underground of the Belgium Death Industrial scene before releasing this full length CD with bugs crawling out of people, having started the project in 1998

Dead Man's Hill represents the pinnacle of the early 2000s Death Industrial scene, offering a brilliant blend of militaristic drums, epic orchestrations, and dark sensibilities and Lakes of Sacrifice is a tour de force of industrial, gothic, neo-classical and neo-folk.

The disc features the incredibly powerful collaborative track "Sacrifice of Subscription" with spoken wordcore artist it-clings and a remix of "Legions of Coldness" by Nick Gorman of Fractured. Mastered by famine.

The first 50 copies were accompanied by a bonus CDR that contained previously unreleased material which sold out quickly.

bcp003 - it-clings vs pneumatic detach- the all too logical descent into madness

released: april 10th, 2007

CD copies very limited. Available as a digital download.

if words are a weapon then canada's it-clings is a one man arsenal of mass destruction. never before has the truth been laid bare with such complex and honest emotions. when this spoken wordcore artist reaches into the depths of his soul he dishes out the harsh reality that lies within.

juxtaposing a very personal perspective with one that is fictionally extreme, "the all too logical descent into madness" is a reinvention of the archetypal industrial album. with a cynicism that borders on paranoia and psychopathy, this concept album drives the nail of truth home into the surface of all that we deem trivial and mundane, and all that we casually choose to ignore. searching past the banality of existence it is a stark look at the world where the only correct conclusions, the only logical conclusions are those of utter madness. and where does the blame for this insanity lie? it lies within everything and everyone. this is perhaps the angriest album you will ever hear.

then whom do you need to help deliver such gospel? at this point in steps boston's own underground industrial legend pneumatic detach. with crushing brutality the relentless barrage assaults the listener, but this is an assault of technical awe-inspiring rhythm and electronic structure. these are percision beats that act as the proverbial hammer to drive forward the vocal offensive.

expectations of what made an industrial album were put aside. what remains is a perfect blend of cruelty and humour that probably went straight over the heads of most people. a perfect blend of pretentiousness and self mockery. a perfect blend of nihilism and common sense. a perfect blend of all that is wrong with industrial with all that is right.

in this full length collaboration, it-clings and pneumatic detach compliment each other perfectly and deliver mercilessly on target. you have been warned.... listen at your own risk.

bcp004 - objekt4 - shades of night

released: october 25th, 2007

CD available. Not available as a digital download.

Objekt4 (pronounced "Objective") was formed in 2003 by sweden's anders peterson with the aim of expanding cinematic sound design into music, by creating hybrids with field recordings and musical instruments/approaches. The objective was to create musical ambiance rather than ambient music.

Shades of night was objekt4's 6th full length release. Objekt4 expanded on his early albums with a hybrid approach between various nocturnal ambience, brilliantly combining unique sounds into something that transcends the individual noise. Field recordings of the night blend with musical instruments, analogue feedback, and distant voices. The world of objekt4 combines the crackling of a small distant fire in light rain with the singing of night birds, a far off lighthouse foghorn intertwines with the chaos of an insect swarm. electric guitar, gongs, plate bells, crotales, and a 12-string acoustic guitar all seep out of the darkness to add their contribution. That objekt4 can amass these separate sources and construct them into a perfectly blended atmospheric piece is where the beauty and mystery of shades of night comes out of the void and reveals itself in all its glory.

4 separate and unique labels joined together to deliver this release: australia's basilisk productions, canada's bugs crawling out of people, usa's regimental records and japan's sabbathid records.

bcp005 - Worms of the Earth - The Angels of Prostitution

released: may, 2008

Entering the 8th year of the new millennium, the horrors of the coming century had begun to reveal themselves. The alignment of unseen black stars, twisted and hideous techno-religious rites, and the dystopia corruption of nature had resulted in the unleashing of Worms of the Earth, who, with trans-mundane elegance, manifested itself as crushing blasphemous beats, shambling broken machine noise, and dark arcane ambience.

This early release of Worms of the Earth showcases all the hints of greatest that were to come. Industrial-noise music; merging the organic with the technological, and the orthodox with the profane, it created epic and mysterious compositions that stimulated the listener both in body as well as in mind.

the angels of prostitution, a term derived from ancient jewish mysticism describing a group of succubi, traces the lineage of the female as a demonic figure from its origins in the darker corners of the christian's garden of eden, up through the fanatical witch hunts of 17th and 18th century europe, and into the veiled corners of modern american society.

the first 50 copies came with a bonus disc containing 4 previously unreleased tracks showcasing the dark esoteric ambient side of worms of the earth and 5 additional remixes by autovoice, ghosts in the clocktower, re: dux tion, roto visage, and vicious alliance. It sold out quickly.

bcp006.66 - famine - every mirror turns black

released: 9th may, 2008

This release was simply an answer (at last) to the question, 'where can I get anything released by famine?' Originally from winnipeg, Famine made a mark for himself in the Toronto, Canada breakcore scene before returning to winnipeg. A producer for many many years, with involvement in various projects of different genres, this was his first official release... at fucking last!

'Every Mirror Turns Black' is a concept album of sorts, where Famine, with precise precision unleashes the brutality and demons within him, smashing together black metal with breakcore cuts, psychedelia with an obstinate rejection of religion. 'every mirror turns black' is a deep look into the abyss where ritualistic contempt for the dogmatic forces inspires nothing but verdant loathing, and intense drug use creates a sudden clarity of mind that understands and embraces the negativity. famine's unique touch and intensely powerful programming have created an album with black metal as a theme rather than merely a black metal album.

bcp007 - v/a - Wake Up: Get Out of my Fucking House

released: may 15th, 2008

cd sold out. Available as pay what you want digital download

This compilation wasn't really ever meant to be. I'm not even sure what's really going on. It's now 2:45 in the afternoon and everyone has finally fucking left my god damned house. We tossed it all together and despite it being put together in such a way, it sounds pretty fucking awesome, but that may be because i'm still really high. I'll probably just jerk off for another couple of hours and be asleep by 6.

Wake Up: Get out of my Fucking House is a collection of electronic tracks to ease or agitate the come down. 90% canadian*, 83.5% toronto based*, 25% powdery residue*, some beer, some scotch, some fuck pulled out 1/2 bottle of tequila, and someone thinks that black thing is actually hash**. Some of it is totally exclusive, some of it you've never heard before and some you have.

You don't have to listen to it at home, but you can't listen to it here. Get the fuck out.

bcp008 - razor edge - mind stimulation

bcp008 - Razor Edge - Mind Stimulation

released: july 1st, 2008

cd sold out. Not available as a digital download.

Razor Edge began making music in 1999 and over the years has established himself as one of toronto's best hardcore electronic artists. After 2 full vinyl releases and tons of compilation appearances he was ready to release his first full length cd 'Mind Stimulation' on bugs crawling out of people.

Mind Stimulation was 22 tracks of cutting edge hardcore beats that are able to diverge from the standard 4/4 sound while maintaining powerful dance floor appeal. The creativity and experimentation of his music help keep you dancing!

Though based in Toronto's Parkdale community Razor Edge has toured Europe intensively, impressing european audiences with his particular brand of crushing beats.

bcp009 - v/a - Saturation Bombing Playset Box

Released: Setember 23rd, 2008

The box set has now sold out but the re-release of Saturation Bombing 1 is available as a digital download.

Saturation Bombing 1 was a concert series organized by T.i.K. and held in Toronto, Canada every second thursday of the month over a four month period from March - June 2003. Each night featured 2 bands and all the bands appeared on the accompanying compilation. The cd was sold as a limited cdr release with only 100 copies sold. It quickly sold out and was out of print until bugs crawling out of people re-released it in 2008.

The popularity of the first concert series led to T.i.K. organizing the now legendary Saturation Bombing 2 festival, the first major industrial concert festival held in Canada. The series was held over 3 days and featured cutting edge acts from Europe, the United States and Canada. TiK recordings released the Saturation Bombing 2 compilation on cd to accompany the festival.

In 2008 bugs crawling out of people released the Saturation Bombing and Saturation Bombing 2 (from the now defunct TiK recordings) together in a limited edition wooden hand painted boxset with stickers, old passes from the original events, and 'action TiK troopers'.

bcp010 - it-clings - I'm the Biggest Fucking Thing in the Whole Fucking World

Released: Oct 26, 2012

CD available as a double CD in digipak dvd case with bonus 10" x 14" poster! Available as a digital dowload.

No one had any idea what was unleashed upon the world with the creation of it-clings. Most people didn't even notice at all. But the idea that this idiot could somehow become the biggest fucking thing in the whole fucking world seemed insane. There was absolutely no reason for such a thing to happen. No one asked for it, no one wanted it and no one could have made it possible even if those two other points had not been true. And yet BANG, with the release of the 2012 double CD "I'm the biggest fucking thing in the whole fucking world" it became reality.

No one has ever understood it-clings. You don't get him either. Is it satire? Is it social commetary? Is it attention seeking? Probably all three and more. it-clings becomes everything that is terrible within the world and by absorbing all this into him he expands, he becomes engorged with this filth and expands more. Then, you know what happens? Somehow, somewhere... people like this. It makes no sense but they do. They think they understand but they don't, but they are the worst people in the world. They don't get it. No one ever has.

But can even the legendary it-clings do it all alone? You may think yes, but you'd be totally wrong. To take on this world he has gathered around him, like a pile of lecherous parasites, a smattering of musical artists of different styles, who have been blessed with the mission of turning it-clings words into song. This double CD features guest appearances by Greg Kowalczyk (compUterus), Dan Barrett (Worms of the Earth), Bart Piette (Dead Man's Hill), Jorge Oliveira (Thermidor), Justin Brink (Pneumatic Detach), En & Arc (DYM), Autovoice, Adam Edge (Razor Edge), Yann Faussurier (Iszoloscope, Memmaker), Nick Gorman (Fractured), Jonny Darko (Receiver), Fred S. (Katastroslavia) James Church (Lucidstatic), Ethan Moseley (Promonium Jesters), & Jonbob! Mastered by Johnny S.

bcp011 - v/a - cum to my house. i have beer, i have scotch, there will be drugs!

released: oct 26th, 2010

Avaiable as a pay what you want digital download.

bugs crawling out of people presents a prequel to its compilation "wake up: get out of my fucking house" by releasing a free online compilation of material under the title "cum to my house: i have beer, i have scotch, there will be drugs". it's crazy fucked up party music time! who knows where people are coming from, but everyone's already probably had too much of whatever already and the idea of this party is probably a bad idea to begin with, but common sense can wait for the morning, or more likely tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.

when bugs crawling out of people holds an impromptu party, things can get a little out of hand. we're not saying we condone any of this activity, fuck, we don't even remember most of it, but apparently there was lot of noise, perhaps some fire breathing, and a few visits by police officers, and that's before it really kicked into gear. after the cops left the occult inspired drug trips began, apparently there may have been some cannibalism, more crazy ass beats, people were either dancing like they had gone insane, or were having convulsions. blood smeared on the walls. i'm not sure what that was on the bathroom floor. there may have been a little anal sex here and there (who can really tell and none of the beer bottles are coming forward as witnesses). there was shride@ galore! more beats, more pounding noise. it was a success!

@ shride: (noun) where shame and pride collide.

bcp012 - dead man's hill - speaking in the tongues of the universal reporter: live in hof ter loo

released: april 13th, 2009

CD now sold out. Avaiable as a digital download.

formed in 1998, dead man�s hill has been making a name for himself within the dark underground with a plethora of steady releases on labels from europe, north america and asia. fine tuning his craft with each release, 2009 brings his first live cd recording, �speaking in the tongues of the universal reporter: live in hof ter loo� from bugs crawling out of people. recorded at the silken tofu live noises festival in antwerp, belgium on the 5th of april 2008, this cd contains 5 live version of tracks from previous albums as well as showcasing 2 new songs!

only 50 copies of this limited edition album were available, each hand numbered, and quickly sold out. Now available as a pay what you want digital download!

bcp013 - famine - cocytus

released: december 14th, 2008

CD now sold out. Avaiable as a digital download.

famine has returned to bugs crawling out of people with another outstanding release. the dark abyss has opened up and revealed the frozen lake of cocytus, the final realm of the most despicable criminals & traitors, the four kings of the most heinous acts. from famine's own murky archives, 3 unreleased tracks from 1995 have been combined with 2 new ones in this entirely remastered ep.

this is famine as you have never heard him before; lush atmospheres and brooding textures comprise this haunting dark ambient work. the frozen twisted heart of hell has never been so accurately represented and is mandatory listening for fans of desiderii marginis, raison d'�tre and arcana.

let the sounds of 'cocytus' ease you into an unsettling sleep, and taunt your dreams with corrupted ideas, let it be the soundtrack of your satanic rites, let it stimulate your sorrows and excite your self-loathing.

cocytus was released as a digital download and a limited edition CD, which quickly sold out.

bcp014 - worms of the earth - the lesser ophidian gate

released: august 3rd, 2010

CD available + poster. Available as a digital download

�i believe it was in the winter of 2008 when i first heard of the gate. initially, it was simply through vague references of its existence; scrawling on torn slips of paper, in rumours spoken by muted voices obscured by shadow, murmurs and whispers shrouded in fear. at first i believed it to be nothing, a myth at best, but the persistence of the underlying terror drew me in and i was slowly convinced, pulled in by an irritable desire to uncover the truth. i do not know what i hoped to achieve by unravelling these dark clues, and at first it was hardly an active choice to begin deciphering the mystery. progress was made that year, at great cost to myself in ways that i wish not to dwell upon, but just when i thought i had made enough headway to break this riddle, the trail of usable data abruptly ended. however, approximately six months later i was exposed to a new source of knowledge, with sacrifices made and unspeakable deals concluded, i had became obsessed with uncovering the secrets beyond the gate and alas would allow nothing to stand in my way. what i have seen and experienced cannot be expressed or passed on with words from this realm, and so, in august of 2010, i present to you �the lesser ophidian gate�, an auditory document of the conclusions of my research. this ep is a collection of �dark meditations� which i created to be a guide to understanding and accessing the four keys of the lesser ophidian gate. and while it was at last an effort that had to be completed i warn those that the knowledge contained within it is not for the casual soul, it is an object of grotesque and ethereal beauty, it is the knowledge of darker things."

�the lesser ophidian gate� ep is the arcane follow-up to the critically-acclaimed debut album �the angels of prostitution� by dark rhythmic noise artist worms of the earth. it is a step beyond the previous release, similarly steeped in the esoteric, it flows deeper into the occult, beyond the facade of judeo-christian theology and explores older and darker realms of the unseen, evils buried by many millennia of terror. waves of harsh and calculated rhythmic percussion soaked in the black ambience of the netherworld assault the listener in both the physical and metaphysical, unleashing forces and knowledge beyond the conscious self, subtly unveiling the dark and twisted secrets of the ancients.

�the lesser ophidian gate" is a 4 track ep plus 2 bonus remix tracks: a dark ambient remix of 'untitled' from 'the angels of prostitution' album and a vicious alliance remix of 'and i've become the demon'.

physical copy limited to 100 copies and sealed within a 6 panel digipak. this is a must for those who wish to glimpse into the forbidden. each disc comes with an additional 11" x 17" poster.

mastered by josh colella of scrap.edx and johnny s of autovoice.

bcp015 - compUterus - compUterus

released: july 1st, 2011

CD available. Available as a digital download

The end of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey always freaked me out. It wasn't all the trippy traveling through time and space and it wasn't the crazy fucked up ending, it was the sudden appearance of that space baby with the big head, hovering over the planet earth that did it. Oh, there was an impression that something wonderful was going to happen, a new step for humankind, but you know what, I just don't trust babies!

So you can imagine my apprehension when I came across the Toronto electronic act compUterus, and their imagery of not only a baby, but some sort of weird cyber-womb as well. "This is the beginning of the apocalypse," I cried! Zarathustra predicted it, that 'mankind was something that must be overcome', and now here was this tuned in, linked up and cybernetically enhanced creation right before my eyes, ready to latch onto Bugs Crawling Out of People!

"No no," compUterus' main driving force Greg Kowalczyk assured me, "You're totally wrong!" I allowed him a moment to explain, because often my fear-driven gut reactions are totally wrong.

"The machine is not to be feared," he told me. "The machine is where our music grows and from where it is born. It is not some Frankenstein creation at all, but a symbiotic creature that will enhance and enrich our lives!"

"The baby is the music. Wired in, bionic, a mix of organic and mechanical / electronic parts, growing inside the machine! It's totally cool. It's our friend."

Had Greg Kowalczyk never seen Metropolis? Terminator? I don't know what else... I think there's a scene that explains it all in Jurassic Park (Ok. I know that's about dinosaurs, but THEY can't be trusted either!) I'm sure probably half the episodes of Star Trek are about shit like this! It's all there in black and white, and then in colour and finally with so much CGI that it takes away from the meaning! Ok. Sure, the Terminator later comes back and saves the day, but the acting is terrible and the jokes begin to wear thin! That compUterus plays with samples from a host of B movies is just further confirmation that Greg Kowalcyzk is playing with dark forces that he cannot control.

Greg Kowalcyzk, like all madmen before him, thinks he can control the beast. He has been involved in the Toronto Industrial and Punk scene for over ten years; emerging from the Goth/Electro act Bitter Fall, and the Industrial act Born Into Oblivion, moving on to develop his skills in his main project, the IDM/Electro/Hardcore/Gabber act Pink Noise, while writing songs and playing guitar in blues/rockabilly/surf/post-punk act the Blind Cats, playing bass for Mip, and drums in the Punk band Skullians. Yes he's a musical fucking genius! But can he control this weird baby creature? That's what I want to know!

Kowalcyzk began the project in the early 2000s with experimental noise artist Trevor M. Wilburn, who has left the band try to tame his own beast, a solo project entitled Iron Imp. But even now the influence and perhaps the forbidding warnings of Wilburn remain etched in the DNA of the compUterus!

Perhaps Greg's idea to distract the compUterus by engaging it in a variety of styles, sucking up its CPU by having it incorporate the best elements from contemporary industrial with the genre progenitors, may work in taming the creation.

Monsters are invariably two-dimensional, focused on one simple pursuit. A more comprehensive attitude toward the compUterus may help it grow. The compUterus may turn away from possible destructive pursuits, and instead create a unique sound! How can a monster be creatively intoxicating with enough powerful beats to storm the dance floors and yet deep enough emotionally to offer cultivated arrays of smooth IDM waves and synth textures? This variety will at times restrain the brutal beats, the heavy electronic percussion and its all destructive possibilities! The result, it is hoped, will be a fully realized and rational creature, willing at last to live cooperatively within this world of humans and machines!

Only time will tell! The story of compUterus has just begun!

With this self-titled debut release, compUterus has assimilated the skills of illustrator and comic book artist Steph Dumais! The addition of Dumais is just adds to the terror! He's another mad genius whose creative juices will feed the machine! It's bad enough that he works as a storyboarder for an ad agency, but in what one might refer to as his free time, he has engorged himself on artistic projects, feverishly working with industrial labels such as Gashed!, Inception, COP Int'l, Beton Kopf Media, Geska, and Metropolis, while at the same time creating comic book masterpieces that include work with Tales of the TMNT for Mirage Publishing, Club Zero G from Disinfo Press, short strips for various horror anthologies, and his own series Zombie Commandos From Hell!, currently published by Virus Comix. Must we allow the compUterus to feed upon his fertile brain, the same way his own zombie creations feast upon the flesh of humans? Dumais will only give the compUterus' musical masterpiece an equally awesome physical form!

bcp016 - death of self - embracing the things we hate about ourselves

released: may 17th, 2012

CD available. Available as a digital download

Both singles available as a pay what you want digital download

death of self's debut full length cd release "embracing the things we hate about ourselves" is livid industrial that combines compulsive beats with a gritty self-polluted style, as distorted and disdainful in sound as it is in context.

this album explores the sociopathic tendencies within, the absurd struggle to find some sense of happiness or at least acceptance of one's self; that digging, destructive turmoil of inner evaluation. in essence the desire to have a realization that reveals the truth for what it is, in all its horror. the dark corners and twisted workings of the mind are exposed within the tortured synth lines, destroyed drums, thick atmospheres, flowing strings, and aggressive and intelligent lyrics.

conceived in 2006, the goal of chicago's death of self was to create an unaltered, clear perspective of the world through its sound, exposing the darkness within and unmasking the blinders. after two limited release experiments, an ep and an extended ep with remixes by assemblage 23 and noisuf-X, death of self caught the attention of canadian industrial label bugs crawling out of people, who signed them and slotted them for their first release of 2012.

Also available, bcp016.1, "accepting the truth" pay what you want digital download single featuring remixes by autovoice, dym, fractured, the gothsicles, negutyv xeiro and worms of the earth.

And a 2nd pay what you want digital single bcp016.2 "desensitized to contemporary proprieties" featuring 2 brand new songs plus remixes by Tyler Milchmann, Negutyv Xeiro and Prospero.

bcp017 - tyler milchmann - strange days

released: oct 26, 2012

CD available. Available as a digital download

All children are going to the funeral, but Hagen doesn�t � he will be brought. All children are looking at the burning house, except Klaus � he�s looking out of it.
- Tyler Milchmann - �Alle Kinder� (�All children�)

Welcome to the dark adult fairy tale world of Tyler Milchmann, where the electric chair is the ticket to a mysterious journey and the voices, springing forth from speakers all across the planet, spread fear and panic.

�Strange Days� is the debut CD release of Kiev�s Tyler Milchmann. It is an album that blends awful themes with black humour, orchestral arrangements with aggressive rhythms, dance beats with thoughtful instrumental compositions; all sung with a combination of German and English vocals.

�Strange Days� is a collection of many stories, both twisted and surreal. There is the psychological thriller of a man who attempts to understand a serial killer, until their two consciousnesses blend with each other, and it is no longer clear which of them (or maybe both of them?) is frying in the electric chair. The girl who tries to reach the distant stars of outer space, rather than facing another cold ordinary morning. Luxury whores, killing either from hunger or boredom. And beautiful angelic creations, that do not bring any absolution, but rather sweep down on semitransparent wings and unleash the final demise of humanity.

The days, when the most unthinkable becomes possible, are very, very strange days�

bcp018 - fury 161 - armageddons maw

released: january 31st, 2014

CD available. Available as a digital download

cavernous stygian ambience drifts as clouds of phosphoric gas through which tribal drums rumble forth to attack. spasms of melody try to escape oil covered waters before sinking under. the cacophony of organic sounds, underpinned by rhythmic pounding illuminates a structure within the chaos, a restructuring of the anatomy under siege by recurrent infestation. yes, there is structure within the perceived chaos. This madness is a systematic retort.

fury 161 is a misanthropic reaction to the ills of this world. the intensive sound combines with the vocals and the lyrical condemnation to engulf the listener in this barrage of maledictions. the dogmatic corruption of society, the delinquency of the corporate agenda, organized religion's inherent vacancy, the proliferation of mental illness in a world void of sense are all viewed as target. assaulted from all sides fury 161 rejects. fury 161 acts as fundamental resistance, an individual standing firm in the face of the oppressor.

formed in 2013 by corvus rex (of project:void, black crow king, and nde) and xerxees bane (of pigrat), with a view to creating hybrid sound that shares the essential dna of power electronics, death industrial, tribal drumming, black metal, rhythmic industrial, gabba and dark ambient and yet, is a deviation for them, an adaptive mutation of the sound.

with the debut release, armageddons maw, fury 161 unleashes an oppressive assault on the aural senses. a new age of low, dark and heavy is manifesting.

now available: the opening salvo in fury 161's war with humanity: a pay what you want digital single teaser track. download purify now. humanity's inner decay is the abomination of this world. humanity is a sickness; its seeds lie deep inside. drenched in the growling beats, the swirling noise and the anger of the screams: extreme measures must be taken. let us wipe clean the slate of humanity's criminal existence.

bcp019 - azfarat - a thread of little significance trilogy

bcp019.1 released: sept 27th, 2014
bcp019.2 released:dec 20th, 2014
bcp019.3 May 1st, 2015

Yggdrasil and the Plague of Frogs is available as cd or digital download. The two singles are available as pay what you want digital downloads.

"this is personal. this is a conversation between the two of us. each of these songs was written baring myself fully, but leaving room for you, the listener, to engage yourself. a simply sad song will make you sad, and a happy song will make you happy, but i don't want to have only this effect on you. i want you to come as you originally are, i want to amplify and reflect what you bring with you back upon yourself. have some. you've earned it. sit back, relax, and enjoy some peace and quiet." - azfarat

bcp is pleased to announce the trilogy of extreme noise from Azfarat! first came "peace and quiet" a full length release of dadaist noise. "all things end and other delightful yarns" is a digital single that links "peace and quiet" with the conclusionary "yggdrasil and the plague of frogs." together they form "a thread of little significance trilogy."

azfarat is a noise project from brattleboro vt that takes the audio influences of modern noise and industrial music and mixes them with futurist and dadaist ideas about what music was, is, and will become. the end result is screechy and atonal. it most lacks rhythm and may have you feeling relieved when it finally reaches its end.

peace and quiet is not background music; it isn't meant to be absorbed passively. it is not meant to be merely heard: it needs to be experienced! if you're not ready to allow yourself to give into it than maybe you're not ready for peace and quiet. but whether you are ready or not, in the end this is the peace and quiet that you and your dissonant world deserve. peace and quiet is out there. this is the inevitable result.

bugs crawling out of people present azfarat in 2 digital only releases and one full length CD release.

bcp020 - DK5600 - distanza katrias 5600

released: June 5th, 2015

CD available. also available as a digital download

DK5600 is an electronic/ambient/experimental duo from Italy. The far off planet of Katrias has been communicating with DK5600 through the electrical currents of Italy's Electric power infrastructure.

The alien world of Katrias, a planet 5600 light years in distance from Earth, were empowered by supernatural technology that allowed them to traverse the great interstellar void with their minds and establish a link with Earth. Alien communication in every sense of the word; previous unknown dialogue results in an abstract and transcendental intercourse. Technology and religion blend with science fiction, the sounds and lyrics convey Katrias' discourse enveloped in an organic electronic sound. Katrias speaks through wires, and connections, through the human voice, through electro-technical constructions, and not through computer chips and apps. Unfortunately there isn't a way to specifically tell you about this music. Comprised out non-terrestrial thoughts and designs the meaning cannot be directly translated.

Purchase CD or digital download and get 5 bonus tracks! 17 tracks in all!

Earth's DK5600 is comprised of Trieste's Paolo aka CircumLiver (synthesizers, samplers, effects, sequencing, mixing) and Roma's Rosanna aka ARS A.V.I. (voice, lyrics, sounds elaboration, noise, samples).

Being Worse (book)

Being Worse (book)

released: Dec 11 2016

it-clings was never a musician, was never a poet, was never a hero or someone to look up to. it-clings was always the worst. That bad part of you? That's the part of you that likes it-clings. That the part of you that thinks that it-clings has some reasonable things to say? You should be worried. That part of you that thinks that it-clings is onto something is the worst part of you. Somehow it-clings released two albums, one of them a double CD. He also appeared on the recordings of 18 other musicians released in North America, Europe and Asia. What makes this achievement so amazing is that he did all this all without any talent, without any ambition and without any purpose. In truth, he did it all out of spite. He's performed in front of crowds of thousands and they�ve cheered and clapped at his contempt for them, they laughed and were shocked. These people heard but did not listen. They listened but didn't understand. it-clings feels nothing but disdain for all of them. But now he's released this book of poetry. He has as much repugnance for poetry as he has for music and art and the human condition.

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The Throwin' Rocks at Fish Roleplayin' Game (Book)

The Throwin' Rocks at Fish Roleplayin' Game (book)

released: February 2, 2017

The Throwin' Rocks at Fish Roleplayin' Game is a game unlike anything you've ever encountered. You will experience the wacky exploits of your zany friends first hand as the social order that controls the world bares it's claws and looms down upon its victims. What follows is not the gallant self-sacrifice of doomed heroes that though they may fall, still somehow achieve their victory in defeat, but merely a pathetic capitulation of someone who knows there's no winning so hasn't bothered to try. This is the demented tale of the slacker. Slackers were cool once. They'll be cool again. If you don't think that slacking is cool then you're in a mid-range period and soon both people who are older than you and younger than you will hate you and everything you did during your life to fuck up the world. Although The Throwin' Rocks at Fish Roleplayin' Game will teach you many things, we must always remember that they will be negative and depressing things. Life however is both negative and depressing so while you may think this is not a great educational experience it'll all become clear how important this all was a second before you die and think, 'ah whatever. fuck it.' BUT MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: Don't throw rocks at fish. Don't throw fish. Leave everyone the fuck alone. The Throwin' Rocks at Fish Roleplayin' Game does not encourage or condone violence or animal cruelty in any way. We repeat: Don't throw rocks at anything! This game is for (im)mature adults only. There's already some swearing in this description so you should have guessed that, but there's more in the book and there's a drawing of a severed penis. So be warned.

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The Boats of Glen Carrig (book) by William Hope Hodgson

The Boats of Glen Carrig (book) by William Hope Hodgson

released: June 3, 2017

The bizarre and eerie odyssey of the men of The Boats of Glen Carrig is an early 20th century masterpiece of mysterious horror. Ship wrecked and destitute in the unknown, they must struggle against the uncanny land of lonesomeness and a savage enemy whose very existence defies description. �HP Lovecraft really liked his stuff� William Hope Hodgson�s death in World War I cut short his writing career. First published in 1907, now reprinted in its entirety with introduction by bugs crawling out of people founder Squid.

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Elevator Stories (Book)

Elevator Stories (Book)

released: August 2, 2017

Yes, Elevator Stories is about elevators, but this is a book that surprises even itself. Everything that had been previously conceived regarding what a book about elevators would be about is smashed to pieces. The idea of a book about elevators seems like a bad idea, but what if it isn't? What if, suddenly, elevator books became big? Here is a book where someone steps on an elevator and thinks about a world and ideas that surpass the ordinary, while still only thinking about elevators. Maybe elevators could represent life in some sort of metaphorical way that just isn't as simple as life goes up and down and stops at different floors on the way. Once you open it up and start reading, all of the author's idiosyncrasies, and, at times, accidentally brilliant silly nuances and split personalities kick in, and as unbelievable as it may sound, Elevator Stories ends up being a great ride, an absurd, amusing and nihilistically heartwarming one at that. If you are only ever going to read one book about elevators in your life then this should be the book you read.

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Making Stories Great Again Episode One Donald J Trump vs Armageddon: The End of the World: The Continuing Adventures of Donald J Trump (Book)

Making Stories Great Again Episode One Donald J Trump vs Armageddon: The End of the World: The Continuing Adventures of Donald J Trump (Book)

released: January 11, 2018

At last a book that tells it all as it should. This is a work of fiction, but it's a lot more real than anything you'll read in the New York Times. There's a lot of haters out there... This book isn't for them. Do you want at last a true American hero story with Great Characters, Great Villains, Great Drama, Great Excitement and more? If you only read one book in your life, why not have it be this one?

In this book the heroes of America (Donald J Trump and his family) have to fight the essence of evil, the forces that threaten freedom and justice, in a life and death showdown with the entire fate of the world at stake! Politics and the lies of the media mix with high adventure, time travel, supernatural and occult forces to deliver one amazing reading ride! You won't be disappointed!

At last Stories have become Great again!

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bcp026 - NWvic - Endless Meaningless Unhelpful and Uncalled for Drivel

released: June 21st, 2019 - available in Digital format as well as limited edition Vinyl, CD and cassette tape!

As you can imagine, it's been a hard couple of years for it-clings. Having propelled himself to the very pinnacle of success the self-named "biggest fucking thing in the whole fucking world" has spiraled into a self-deprecating pit of despair. Nothing much has been going on since his last release in 2012. Back in those days he experienced all the glamour and exuberance of a fantasy world of his own creation, a made up post-modern existence where he filled his emptiness with excess and inflated his ego with lies and bravado. And when that failed him, he could always fall back on just getting angry about everything. That was his way of coping with shit.

But jump ahead a few years and everything has caught up with him. His anger and hostility towards the world was perhaps just as empty and meaningless as the dull pitiful lives of those mindless sheep he used to rail against. Maybe there was no space in this new world for it-clings. But at some point he met Nerve War, and by met I mean he encountered him on the internet. This guy still had hope, still had dreams, and still wanted to watch the world burn. With Nerve War's help there was still a place for it-clings.

Are you looking for answers? Well, �Endless Meaningless Unhelpful and Uncalled for Drivel� isn't the album for you. What is it? It's a hodgepodge of disjointed thoughts and songs, the pounding bass and scathing synthesis adds to the atrocities spoken by it-clings. The assholes behind this filth are connected only through their complacency in the pointless banality of modern existence. This isn't exactly something new and it-clings isn't the first to admit it. �Endless Meaningless Unhelpful and Uncalled for Drivel� isn't the answer, it's part of the problem.

Unbelievably, this will be it-clings� third full length release. He has appeared on countless releases by other artists (actually a very countable 18) and has written several books. Originally from Toronto, he lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia for far too long. That was a mistake. Halifax is terrible. He now lives in Toronto again.

Nerve War has written/released countless albums (again, a very countable 14) under various project names encompassing many different styles such as metal, industrial, electronic, noise and experimental. Nerve War is from many places but for some reason he currently lives in the bowels of Kansas City, Misery.

Music by Nerve War / Brandon Duncan

Text written and performed by it-clings / Squid

Art by Steph Dumais
Mastered by Famine

The Erotic Chicken Suit of 9/11

bcp027 - The Erotic Chicken Suit of 9/11 (book)

released: 2nd edition December 28, 2018

Spoken wordcore artist Squid, from the experimental industrial band it-clings, now turns his sights to the written word. The Erotic Chicken Suit of 9/11 is his first published work now available as a bugs crawling out of people release; a surprisingly unique, twisted and strangely thought-provoking piece about one man's deep hidden desire in a world on the brink of madness. Squid's unusual humour pours through a filter of absurdity and social commentary. Short though it may be, it's surprisingly long for the subject at hand.

Available through:
bugs crawling out of people

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bcp028 - Project: Void - Morgue of Broken Souls

released: November 26th, 2019 - available in Digital format & CD

Prepare yourself for Project Void. The solo project of Corvus Rex is the totality of extreme. Looking down into the darkness and seeing nothing but the negativity will produce this. Is there really nothing but the constant of societal decay? Nothing but an unjust world that preys on the weak? A world dominated by the evil of humanity, a world that deserves nothing but our contempt and our hatred? Corvus Rex is dealing with a lot here, digging down into a very personal self-expression he lets go and embraces his inner turmoil and mental disorders. Surrounded by a world that should justifiably sicken him, he allows his misanthropy to be released into the brutality of art: Morgue of Broken Souls is the unleashing of all of this emotion. The experience must be extreme.

bcp029 - Death of Self - There's No Going Back

released: September 23rd, 2019 - available in Digital format and CD

Death of Self is back after six long years of silence, and he's here to tell you a story. As you can imagine, this won't be a happy story, there's no fairy tale ending, no silver lining. This is a story about how a seemingly simple and straight forward decision can begin a chain of self-destructive events that slowly unravels the world as you know it. A story about hitting rock bottom, and knowing that there's no going back.

Death of Self departs from his usual chaotic style for "There's No Going Back." This bitter tale is told thru unsettling soundscapes created by flowing synths, challenging percussion, and dark lyrics.