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bcp001 - v/a - revelationbcp002 - dead man's hill - lakes of sacrificebcp003 - it-clings vs pneumatic detach- the all too logical descent into madnessbcp004 - objekt4 - shades of nightbcp005 - worms of the earth - the angels of prostitutionbcp006.66 - famine - every mirror turns blackbcp007 - v/a - wake up: get out of my fucking housebcp008 - razor edge - mind stimulationbcp009 - v/a - saturation bombing playset boxbcp010 - it-clings - i'm the biggest fucking thing in the whole fucking world
bcp011 - v/a - cum to my house. i have beer, i have scotch, there will be drugs!bcp012 - dead man's hill - speaking in the tongues of the universal reporter: live in hof ter loobcp013 - famine - cocytusbcp014 - worms of the earth - the lesser ophidian gatebcp015 - compUterus - compUterusbcp016 - death of self - embracing the things we hate about ourselvesbcp017 - tyler milchmann - strange daysbcp018 - fury 161 - armageddons mawbcp019 - azfarat - a thread of little significance trilogybcp020 - DK5600 - Distanza Katrias 5600bcp021 - being worse (book)bcp022 - the throwin' rocks at fish roleplayin' game (book)bcp023 - the boats of glen carrig (book) by william hope hodgsonbcp024 - elevator stories (book)bcp025 - making stories great again episode one donald j trump vs armageddon: the end of the world: the continuing adventures of donald j trump (book)bcp026 - NWvic - endless meaningless unhelpful and uncalled for drivelbcp027 - the erotic chicken suit of 9/11 (book)bcp028 - project:void - morgue of broken soulsbcp029 - death of self - there's no going backbcp030 - v/a - saturation bombing 3 (2020)bcp031 - death of self vs it-clings - the worst song in the worldbcp032 - it-clings - beautiful karen and the coming plaguebcp033 - PKWST - Charming Waxbcp034 - Filipo Laresca - (in) digestasbcp035 - bBomit - friends in the new world toiletbcp036 - rizomas — malevolencia
bugs crawling out of people

NWvic - Enlightenment

DK5600 - intro

Tyler Milchmann - Devil is an Old Man from Radio

it-clings - an it-clings love song (the funky cunt mix by fractured)

it-clings vs pneumatic detach - how terribl it all is

famine - Movies from Space tv commercial

Fury 161 - Saviour

fury 161 - Purify

Tyler Milchmann - An Eye for an Eye

the centre of your quantum dots of focus (back lit by compUterus mix)

death of self - empty (dym remix)

Death of Self - the edge (fractured remix)

death of self - no control [autopossession-14 remix by negutyv xeiro]

death of self - empty [jam master cleanse remix by the gothsicles]

it-clings - I'm The Biggest Fucking Thing In The Whole Fucking World Promo

death of self - stories

compUterus - Grid

compUterus "progress is a train"

it-clings w/ dym @ savage garden

the bugs crawling out of people 2009 tour highlights

DEAD MAN`S HILL - Road To Sweet Waters

dedtek - sin eater (cut & grind mix)

worms of the earth - traversing the saurian abyss

it-clings and DYM @ Darkrave v.99

it-Clings & Worms of the Earth @ Invasion 1919, Quebec city, Sept. 2008

Dead Man's Hill - Sacrifice

icvspd - necessary evil

moonbass - pynkylove

Dead Man's Hill - Zombie

it-clings live in ottawa