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bugs crawling out of people

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bcp032 - it-clings - Beautiful Karen and the Coming Plague

release date: September 3rd, 2021

Available as a digital download

There was a time, a wonderful time, when everyone was locked up in their own spaces, locked up and distant: Away from me. Who knows what they were doing? Who knows how they were suffering or what pains they were going through? This was a wonderful age when I didn't know and to be honest, I didn't care. That was, I am supposing, the point. Who knew? No one needs to find out. There was peace and solitude as I descended down that elevator shaft. I was alone at last, and everything was finally right with the world.

But out there, in that world there were terrible awful beasts, whose sheer obscenity was somewhat engrossing to witness... from afar. It was the beauty of the old ones, a sort of twisted perfect cthulhuian form of monster that would just blow your mind. Too unbelievable to exist in this world... and yet they do. Oh shit, do they ever.

it-clings again recruits the talents of a variety of artists from around the world to put music to his words. Featuring 40 Octaves Below, bBomit, Death of Self, Negutyv Xeiro, Les Gorges Des Limbes, Torturing Nurse, and Virtual Terrorist.

1. The Coming Plague (Subliminal Mutation Featuring 40 Octaves Below)
2. Beautiful Karen (Live, Laugh, Love Mix Featuring Death of Self)
3. Fucking Right (Never Wrong Version Featuring Negutyv Xeiro)
4. Cumming Plague 2020 (bBomit Remix)
5. Beautiful Karen (Black Hole Version Featuring Negutyv Xeiro)
6. The Coming Plague (Misanthropic Second Paradise Mix Featuring Death of Self)
7. Plagues (The Future Sucks Remix By Virtual Terrorist)
8. bBootiful Karen (bBomit Remix)
9. Beautiful Karen (Accretion Disk Version by Les Gorges Des Limbes)
10. Fucking Right (Fuck Nostradamus, We Know The Future Mix Featuring Death of Self)
11. Beautiful Karen (Extreme Distress Featuring Torturing Nurse)

Vocals by it-clings
Mastered by Worms of the Earth
Cover Art bySteph Dumais www.raisinlove.com
bcp logo by B. Benoit

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